Válvula diafragma atuadas 

GEMÜ has an unparalleled range of operators for diaphragm valves. Closely matched to the most varied areas of application, a wide choice of operator types and designs are available.
Nominal size
 DN 4-300 (GEMÜ diaphragm sizes 8-100)
Operating pressure
 0 - 10 bar
Control pressure
 2 - 7 bar
Operating temperature
 -10 - 150°C
 Manual, pneumatic, motorized
 Plastic operators for low temperatures
Plastic operators with metal distance piece for high temperatures, especially during the course of sterilisation of valves and systems
Stainless steel operators for the pharmaceutical industry, designed according to cGMP, also available externally electropolished
Membrane actuators in plastic and metal for high forces
Piston actuators and double piston actuators for compact applications
 Lockable (for manual operators)
Stroke limiters and seal adjusters
Optical position indicators
Electrical position indicators
Combi switchboxes
Proximity switches for position feedback
Positioners and process controllers
Pilot valves
Manual overrides for pneumatic and motorized actuators
The type designations for GEMÜ valves stem from the operator names. As a result of the GEMÜ modular system, the valve bodies and diaphragms can normally be exchanged.
Further information
 Please refer to Metal industrial diaphragm valves, Metal aseptic diaphragm valves, Plastic diaphragm valves, Media library and Applications